Michael Outman

Hey, my name is Michael Outman. I am 20 years old, and I plan to continue my education at the Everett Community College.

I’ve volunteered to teach a Chess Class, at Mari’s Place, for those wanting to learn about the game. Chess has been a lifetime passion, and playing the game is a great device to make sense of ones mind, life, and world. More than once I’ve been blown away by the parallels between the game and real life situations.

The game is sophisticated and complex, and it is easy to be intimidated when new. But the game can be learned no matter what age or perceived reasons why you can’t. It’s only a matter of building a good foundation of knowledge, which takes time, practice, and a positive mindset.

My purpose is to teach the students how to apply basic principles and develop them to the point where they can play on their own knowledge base. From that point on, they have the opportunity to learn more about the game by playing and working with their fellow students, or opponents.

Look forward to playing with you.

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