Ashley Piper

Ashley Piper was born on December 24, 1992 in Mission Hills California. Since then she has spent most her life in Lake Stevens and after graduating High School, she has moved with her mother to Everett. Ashley plans to attend Everett Community college in the winter and then transfer to a four year Art College the following fall to work towards her Bachelors of Arts degree in Animation. Right now, Ashley is working a part-time job at Target to support her education and other needs. Drawing and painting are both passions of Ashley’s and she would love nothing more than to foster the artistic talents in young children. She believes everyone can become an artist and in most ways they already are, it just takes practice and inspiration for one to improve at what they can do. She hasn’t had much experience in teaching before, but she has years of babysitting by her side and an enthusiasm for all mediums of art.

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